Monday, April 16, 2012

Congratulations to Kansas City Startup Weekend Winners TutHopper, Keyzio & Grüple!

After 12 pitch presentations, hundreds of cups of coffee and less than 2 hours of sleep, Startup Weekend Kansas City came to a close yesterday at the Union Station Board Room.  And although many of the presenters (and even organizers) may have been delirious on Sunday night due to lack of sleep and an abundance of caffeine, there was an energy in the Startup Weekend air when the winners were finally announced.

3RD PLACE:  Congratulations to Grüple, who snagged the 3rd place prize at Startup Weekend Kansas City. creates a grüp, invites grüpies, notifies grüpies, and provides grüpies with a simple and quick way to reimburse others for tickets (through debit, credit and e-check). 

2ND PLACE:  Another congratulations goes out to Keyzio, winner of the 2nd place prize.  Keyzio finds your location, allows you to verify your dream home address and then sends a postcard to inform the homeowner of your interest. 

1ST PLACE:  And finally, a BIG congratulations to TutHopper, winner of Kansas City Startup Weekend!  TutHopper is a web-based company that teaches programming and system architecture through games.  Featuring a Code Dojo and fun game-play environment, TutHopper will help kids learn coding concepts through games. Learn more at @TutHopper.  

Startup Weekend KC didn't announce the winners via press release or live blog post.  Instead, the tech-savvy event blasted out the winners via Twitter the moment they were announced at the yesterday's live finale event.

Congratulations to all participants, organizers, volunteers and sponsors of Kansas City Startup Weekend.  Another successful 54 hours are in the bag!  

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