Friday, April 13, 2012

The Opportunity to Build America's Most Entrepreneurial City

Kansas City is on its way to becoming America’s most entrepreneurial city—and the iKC conference is just one of the stepping stones to get us there.  We’ve seen initiatives from a handful of other organizations such as the Kauffman Foundation, the Social Media Club of Kansas City, Brainzooming and many others. 

And now, it’s your chance to become a part of the entrepreneurial movement.

With an iKC sponsorship, you have the opportunity to not only become a supporter of the KC entrepreneurial movement, but also to positively expose your organization and receive beneficial perks along the way.  An iKC sponsorship can intrinsically link you with an inspirational group of people and give you the opportunity to spend the day interacting with successful innovators, entrepreneurs, creative minds, local businesses and large corporations. 

There are two different types of sponsorships available:

1.  General iKC Sponsorship: The customizable sponsorship packet allows you to pick the level at which you wish to sponsor.  With a wide range of levels to choose from, organizations of any size can become a part of iKC.  iKC sponsorships also allow for interested startups and media organizations to get involved.  To learn more about these opportunities, contact iKC.

2.  Fire Up Sponsorship: The Fire Up sponsorship opportunity is completely unique to iKC.  Fire Up (short for Fearless Innovators’ and Ruthless Entrepreneurs’ Unconventional Pitch) is a lightning-fast pitch presentation from a number of local innovative entrepreneurs.  When sponsoring a Fire Up, iKC will pair you with an entrepreneur that will innovate on your company’s platform and then present it to a live audience.  That means that your company will walk away from iKC with a brand new, realistic innovation.  To learn more about sponsoring Fire Up, contact iKC. 

Get involved with iKC today and join Kansas City’s innovative and entrepreneurial efforts.  To learn more, visit iKC's Sponsorship page or call 816-842-5244.  

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