Friday, April 13, 2012

KC Coworking Space Gets Major Spring Makeover

It’s Spring: The trees are blooming, the sun is shining, Kansas Citians are coming out of hibernation and Spring cleaning has begun. With the change of the seasons comes new changes at bizperc. We’re shaking things up around here and we’re all smiles about it.

The walls have come down. That’s right, our cube walls have been removed. We are no longer separated from our fellow coworkers. This change opens up a whole new realm of collaboration. Conversations flow more freely, and ideas can be shared and discussed with ease. It’s open, modern, welcoming and’s awesome. While this is the most drastic of the changes the others are just as exciting.

Does your office have a virtual juke box? Ours does. Anybody can come up and play DJ with our newest addition, a touchscreen monitor set up with the sole intent of catering to the specific musical needs of our tenants. It’s a small change, but music is extremely important in an office. It sets the tone and mood for the day. Now you can groove to the music of your choice while working away and collaborating like a champ.

As we see more green in nature with Spring in full effect we too have gotten a little greener. We’ve added recycling bins to each floor. We’re all about working hard, having fun, and saving the planet. 

Need a break? I bet you do. Need some exercise and a little friendly competition? Of course. bizperc now has ping pong! We’ve opened up the 6th floor and added a ping pong table. Take your mind off the multiple projects you’re working on and challenge one of your fellow coworkers to a quick game. It’s a fun and easy way to relieve stress and have a laugh.

Here at bizperc we like caffeine...a lot. We love it so much that we’ve added a coffee bar! We now have professional equipment and delicious coffee from The Roasterie. We’re practically a full-blown coffee shop. The aroma is enticing and the coffee is spectacular.

These are just a few of many changes to come. We’re excited and inspired. It’s a good time for change and bizperc is booming. Stay tuned for more updates on the activities happening around the office.

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