Thursday, May 31, 2012

Predict Successful Innovation with Dr. Michael E. Raynor at iKC

Dr. Michael E. Raynor of Deloitte Research.

iKC, sponsored by Master Your Card Missouri, is excited to spotlight Dr. Michael E. Raynor as the keynote speaker during this year’s innovation and entrepreneur conference on June 20, 2012.  Dr. Raynor started his career as a consultant, but quickly discovered his passion for research and innovation.  This realization led Raynor to the Harvard Business School where he focused on becoming a professor.  But as many creative thinkers and innovators know, career paths are not always straight ones.  Dr. Raynor took on a hybrid position with Deloitte LLP’s research arm, Deloitte Reseach, which has proved both fruitful and ever-changing.

But Dr. Michael Raynor is so much more than just a high-level consultant.  He’s a husband, a father, a best-selling author, an investor, an innovator.  Raynor can speak to a wide range of individuals at iKC—from the budding entrepreneur to the high-power investor—because it seems as if Raynor has been everywhere and done it all.

Dr. Raynor will present a keynote speech titled The Innovator’s Manifesto: Deliberate Disruption for Breakthrough Growth at iKC on June 20, 2012 at the H&R Block World Headquarters in downtown Kansas City.  The keynote will focus on the emerging rules of successful innovation and will speak to investors, entrepreneurs, managers and corporate M&A’s alike.

“My idea is that we worry about innovation processes rather than the substance of good ideas because we do not yet know what really good ideas truly look like,” Raynor says.  “In my research I’ve tried to tackle the question of innovation as scientifically as I can, and I believe I’ve got some interesting progress to report.”

According to Raynor, entrepreneurs and innovators far too often swing blindfolded at a piƱata, hoping that they get a good whack.  But why swing blindfolded when a much more deliberate approach to ideas and innovation exists?  That’s what The Innovator’s Manifesto keynote is all about.

“Getting the right process in place is difficult, but conceptually straight-forward, rather like training for a marathon,” he says. “You know what to do to prepare for it, but not everybody does it because it’s hard.  Similarly, we’ve tried everything to make innovation easy, believing that somehow if we find the right management process, the good ideas will emerge automatically.  I think a different approach is needed, one that focuses on the defining attributes of good ideas, independently of how they were created.” 

iKC attendees now have the chance to learn what makes for a great idea – one that is systematically more likely to success.  Listen to Dr. Raynor live at iKC on June 20, 2012—purchase your ticket today.    

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