Tuesday, June 5, 2012

iKC Twitter Party is in Full Swing!

When iKC proclaimed to the world that it was throwing a Twitter Party, it wasn't kidding.  And now, the iKC Twitter Party is in full swing--tweeps are tweeting, users are engaging and major prizes are being awarded!  

Yesterday, Austin Brown (@Austin_Brown_) answered one of iKC's Twitter Party questions and was entered to win a 10 day drop-in pass to the bizperc coworking space.  Lucky for Austin, he won the drawing!  The iKC Twitter Party is as easy as that.
  • Simply follow iKC on Twitter: @iKC_2012
  • Retweet, mention or answer one of iKC's discussion questions via Twitter
  • Prizes will be awarded to one lucky winner every day this week (check out prizes here).  
Join the conversation and socialize with us during iKC's Twitter Party!  See you in the Twittersphere (and hopefully at iKC!).  

Follow iKC! @iKC_2012

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