Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Welcome to SoKap. Welcome to Crowdfunding 2.0.

Most great startup companies start with the same question: "Why doesn't the world have _____?"

The most important piece to this question, however, is that blank space.

Why doesn't the world have an online music purchasing device?  Apple answered that question.

Why doesn't the world have a way to connect with friends and family through the Internet? Facebook answered that question.

Why doesn't the world have a platform that connects marketers and funders with projects?  SoKap is answering that question.

Welcome to SoKap. Welcome to crowdfunding 2.0.

David Geertz, Founder and CEO of SoKap.
SoKap is a crowdfunding and project distribution platform that allows marketers and funders to connect with project owners.  SoKap allows project owners to raise funds, build markets and distribute goods and services across the world.

But like all great startup ideas, SoKap didn't intend to go in that direction.  SoKap was originally built by founder and CEO David Geertz to aid in the distribution of films.  Geertz noticed that many contracts in the film industry were just too big.  So, he decided to allow people anywhere to buy distribution levels at a much smaller price.  In other words, with SoKap, everyone could have a slice of the movie pie.

While testing the platform, Geertz and his SoKap team realized that the main beta testers were entrepreneurs.  That's when the company decided to expand beyond the film industry.  Now, SoKap is open to any project-based entrepreneur (no matter what industry they're in) looking for crowdfunding opportunities.  According to the Financial Post (Canada), "Crowdfunding, which started out mainly as a way for writers, film makers, artists and musicians to raise money, is shaping up to be the next big financing model for entrepreneurs — and the model is rapidly evolving."  SoKap has taken advice from its entrepreneurial beta testers and has implemented much of their feedback into the company's founding principles.

"Our biggest focus is to lower the barriers to entry," says Geertz of the SoKap venture.  "We want to have the mark to dictate whether a product should be made or not.  Not everyone will succeed, but we need to let the market speak to that."

Although SoKap has only been in the works for about 30 months now, the company already has a few success stories under its belt to boast about.  In fact, the company was recently featured on the front cover of the Financial Post in Canada and was recognized as a game-changer in the film industry at film finance conferences.

So why is SoKap standing out so much?  For one, the company is beginning to revolutionize an industry.  But the platform is also revolutionizing the way that crowdfunding works as well.  SoKap is one of the only crowdfunding platforms that does not require a sale of equity.

"We need to prepare for a fight moving forward," says Geertz of this business decision. "We provide a solution that doesn't require equity.  Sure, we are fans of the JOBS Act, but we also know that it's not for every business.  We don't require a sale of equity and that's rare in this type of business.  But, we are staying true to our project.  We believe in it and will stay the course.  That's true, gritty entrepreneurship."

How does David Geertz Think Big? “I come from a problem-solving world.  I come at things from solving solutions and take a 10,000 feet view and remove all clutter and intermediaries.  I ask how we can balance and value our work.  If we can do that, we eliminate the two main rules of failure: fear and greed.  I always ask how I can eliminate that.”

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