Friday, June 15, 2012

Our Favorite i-Word: Inspiration

iKC is all about igniting, innovating and inspiring.  But our favorite of these three is the "inspire" piece.  In fact, we think its so important that iKC attendees are inspired throughout the whole day, that we dedicated an entire track to inspiration.  We're bringing in Inspire Talks.

Inspire Talks are quick, 12-minute discussions with some of Kansas City's most interesting entrepreneurs and innovators.  Each Inspire Talk will focus on a certain area of expertise.  And all 7 Inspire Talks are extremely different:

  • Teentrepreneurship by Brent Comstock of bCom Tech Solutions
  • Startup Methology by Ashley Raiteri of VaultPAD Ventures
  • Wellness and Innovation by Matt Condon of Athletic and Rehabilitation Center
  • Big Data and the End of Wisdom by Don Peterson of Big Iris
  • User Acquisitions: Are You Acquiring Users or Losers? by Josh Coleman of AgLocal
  • Hot Now! Krispy Kreme's Sweet App Success by Mark Logan of Barkley
  • Past, Present and Future: The Kansas City Spirit from Rick Usher, City Manager of KCMO

Inspire Talks will take place from 9:30am-10:25am and 10:45am-11:25am.  Don't miss the opportunity to get inspired at iKC!  View the iKC Agenda here.

Be sure to follow iKC at @iKC_2012 and use #iKC on the day of the conference. 

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