Friday, July 6, 2012

020 Think Big Radio: The 10 Questions Every Venture Capitalist Will Ask

Every entrepreneur is nervous to pitch to investors.  No matter what you do, your palms may sweat, your hands may shake and your voice may quiver while delivering your ever-important pitch.  And you should be nervous—you’re talking to the people who could potentially invest in your company!  But there is no need to look nervous when under the startup microscope.  Think Big is here to help.  In this episode of Think Big Radio, you’ll get insight into the top 10 questions that venture capitalists almost always ask during the question-and-answer session of a pitch.  Questions include:

  1. Where did you get your idea?  If it’s so great, why hasn’t anyone else done it?
  2. Are you funded?  Who, other than yourself, has invested money into your idea?
  3. What is your monetization strategy?  In other words, how will you make money off of this idea?
  4. How big is your market?  Are there enough people that want to spend money on your idea?
  5. There are risks involved in any startup, but have you thought of yours?
  6. Have you heard of ______?
  7. How big is your team?  How much money are you spending to currently operate?
  8. What is your exit strategy?
  9. Tell me more about yourself.
  10. What did you do before this idea came along?  What are your prior experiences?

So listen up, tune in and Think Big!  This is Think Big Radio, and we’re here to help you perfect the grueling investor question-and-answer session.

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