Thursday, July 26, 2012

022 Think Big Radio: Top 5 Reasons to Join an Accelerator Program

Ever since startup accelerator programs have begun popping up around the world, skeptics have been curious: are startup accelerators a waste of time?  Are they worth it?  Do they really benefit the startups that take the plunge?

Maybe those skeptics haven’t seen the success rates from top accelerator programs such as TechStars, Y Combinator and LaunchBox.  Startups around the globe are becoming more successful at a faster rate because of startup accelerators (or even through business incubators).

In this podcast, Derek and Allison of Think Big Partners explore the five reasons you and your business idea should undergo the startup accelerator process:

1. Mentors
2. Elevator Pitch
3. Resources and Relationships
4. Capital
5. Exposure

Learn more about the Think Big Accelerator at and apply today (applications due August 10, 2012).  

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