Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What Do You Believe In? Mingo Ink Makes It Known

Picture a yard full of 50 pink flamingos. Chances are, you can’t help but smile...or at least feel a little warm and fuzzy inside.

That very image inspired Tiffiney Baumgarden to create a new clothing line known as Mingo Ink. Mingo Ink is a t-shirt line that encourages people to be their unique selves—and proclaim exactly what they believe in.  Each Mingo Ink shirt displays a quote on its front that explains what each wearer believes in most.  The t-shirts are adorned with quotes such as “believes in possibility”, “believes in happily ever after” even “believes in karma”.

And apparently, Tiffiney, founder of Mingo Ink, should bear a shirt that reads “Believes in entrepreneurship.”  As a part of her clothing line’s mission, 10% of all Mingo Ink profits go straight to the support of local startups.  Yeah, we think it’s safe to say that Tiffiney means business—and believes in it. 

The Face behind the Ink
Tiffiney Baumgarden grew up in an entrepreneurial household, so she’s no stranger to startups or hard work. Her mother is part-owner of a local Kansas City boutique known as La~de~da. With exposure to the worlds of entrepreneurship and fashion at a young age, Tiffiney quickly gained the confidence to start her own clothing line. Tiffiney said she loved working in the boutique, but “wanted something that was completely mine”.

Thinking Big
Tiffiney plans to expand the Mingo Ink clothing line in the coming months. “I want to start a winter line and a children’s line”, she explains. “How cute would a onesie be that says ‘I believe in fairy tales?’”

Adorable, of course.  

Right now, Tiffiney’s main goal is to build up Mingo Ink’s brand recognition. She wants her shirts to be instantly recognizable so someone can see a shirt and say, “Oh, that’s a Mingo Ink!” We like that Think Big approach.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll purchase a t-shirt that proclaims “believes in Thinking Big” to help spread the word. 

Words of Wisdom for Entrepreneurs Everywhere
When asked what advice she would give other entrepreneurs out there, Tiffiney responded:  

“You have to 120% believe in what you’re doing.”  

Regardless of the stories we all hear of failed startups, it’s important to believe your business will be the one that makes a difference.  Tiffiney also added a more humorous approach to her entrepreneurial advice: “Don’t be afraid of being that annoying person!”  Wherever Tiffiney goes, she tells people about her new product. Outreach is critical—and if she wants brand recognition, that’s how she’s going to get it!

Tiffiney knows what it takes to start a business. She grew up always hearing, “go big or go home”...and most importantly, she listened. Tiffiney is thinking big, are you?

What do you believe in?  View the Mingo Ink store and purchase your belief today: Mingo Ink store

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  1. love it! go big or go home! good advice!