Tuesday, July 24, 2012

In-depth with the Think Big i-Team: Max Gall

This summer, Think Big Partners proudly took on its biggest project of all—managing 9 rockstar interns!  We were so excited to bring on these 9 eager students that we felt like we had to come up with name for them—they are now known as the i-Team. We can’t wait to teach the i-Team all about the world of entrepreneurship, startups, marketing and all things in between.  Learn more about i-Team member Max Gall, our bizperc coworking space intern:
NAME: Max Gall
FAVORITE COLOR: Changes with the seasons
3 BEST QUALITIES: Jack of all trades, creates his own music, never satisfied with the status quo
GREATEST FEARS: Small towns & being unsuccessful
SECRET FUN FACT: Loves shopping

As native of Kansas City and the oldest of two children, Max is a young man with many talents. The newly 20-year-old (he celebrated his golden birthday on July 20th) began his education on the Kansas side at Westwood View Elementary. Like many bright young men, Max was on the move and his educational journey took him to Pembroke Hill where her was a 2-time science award winner in middle school. While in high school, Max competed in cross country, basketball and track and field.  He also competed in academics. As he describes it, “at Pembroke, academics are very competitive”.  After graduating from Pembroke as an honor roll student, Max decided to take his talents to South Beach.

As a current student at the University of Miami, Max likes to spend his time studying. But when he’s not studying, you can expect max to be dropping sick beats. Whether as a disk jockey at the #1 ranked College radio station WVUM 90.5 FM, or at bars & parties around Miami—Max has done it all. Max has fully dedicated himself to music in more than one way. He is currently pursuing a major in finance and a minor in music industry. However he is still not fully decided as to what he wants to do when he completes his degree.  “On one hand, I could see myself working for a large firm working a desk job. Or I could see myself graduating and just living as a free bird disk jockeying wherever!” as he puts it.

Here at Think Big, Max is a self-described “swingman”.  If there is something to be done, he is more than willing to do it. A fellow jack of all trades that Max admires is RZA of The Wu-Tang. If given the chance to spend an afternoon with RZA, Max would love to talk to him about his philosophy of how rap and chess are similar.

How Does Max Think Big? As he explains it “I think big when I dream. I dream when I sleep. So usually after a nice nap I’m thinking pretty big.” Whether he pursues a career in the financial sector or as an electronic musician Max’s future is one to keep a look out for.

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