Monday, July 30, 2012

Idea Mensch Makes Its Way to Kansas City

According to Idea Mensch, ideas by themselves are of little value.  What matters most is how you bring those ideas to life.  But how do you get started?  What steps should you take?  Are there ways to get a jump-start on bringing an idea to life?  

Idea Mensch aims to answer those questions.  With the mission to bring ideas to life, Idea Mensch conducts daily interviews with entrepreneurial superstars like Tony Hsieh and Seth Godin and hosts informative events throughout the nation for additional inspiration.  And one of the Idea Mensch events is finally making its way to Kansas City, Missouri in just 3 short days.

At Idea Mensch Kansas City, a series of local speakers will discuss how their ideas were brought to life in order to inspire and motivate audience members.  The setting may be intimate, but the ideas are big.  

Kansas City speakers include Brian Morgan (Lampein Laboratories), Kirk Hasenzahl (RareWire), Adam Coomes (Infegy) and Seth Meinzen (EvisThrive).  Each speaker will be geared up to share insights, struggles and lessons learned from bringing to life their ideas.

Idea Mensch will take place from 6:00-9:00 PM at Think Big Partners coworking space, bizperc.  Early-bird tickets are on sale now for just $10.00. 

Ready to ignite your ideas?  Join the Idea Mensch conversation.  

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