Friday, July 13, 2012

In-depth with the Think Big i-Team: Emily Leeper

This summer, Think Big Partners proudly took on its biggest project of all—managing 9 rockstar interns!  We were so excited to bring on these 9 eager students that we felt like we had to come up with name for them—they are now known as the i-Team. We can’t wait to teach the i-Team all about the world of entrepreneurship, startups, marketing and all things in between.  Learn more about i-Team member Emily Leeper, our event planning intern:

NAME: Emily Leeper
ALMA MATER: University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Born in raised in Papillion, Nebraska, Emily is a graduate of Papillion-La Vista High School, where she was self-described as an overachiever.  Participating in soccer and volleyball alone are enough to fill the days of the average high schooler. But due to a back injury, Emily’s high school athlete days were dramatically cut short. But Emily isn’t the type of person who accepts “average”.  So she repurposed herself in many different ways and found new passions. Emily quickly joined choir, show choir, STUCO, DECA and everything in between.

After cementing her legacy at Papillion, Emily went on to Iowa State University to pursue animal sciences.  After her first year (in a way that many freshman do), Emily decided animal science wasn’t quite her thing. She transferred back home to the University of Nebraska where she earned her degree in advertising.  

Here at Think Big, Emily serves as the right-hand woman to bizperc manager and event extraordinaire Sarah Snyder, with whom Emily credits as a big help. Coming in, Emily states that she has never dealt with large events that Think Big produces, such as iKC.  She says that the smallest details in planning an event can be some of the most difficult. Emily is able to take care of those minor details thanks to her obsession with ironing. Yes, ironing. It has become well-known that Emily has a complete distaste for wrinkles. As she puts it, “no one is allowed to leave the house with wrinkly clothes!”

Like many young go-getters, Emily carries dreams and aspirations with her wherever she goes.  One of these motivators is to finally go to Europe—an adventure she was planning on going on in college.  Another motivator for Emily is her fear of failure.  Keeping an always-positive attitude, Emily is determined to succeed and proclaims that she “won’t let fear get in her way”. 

The desire to be great can be heard in her voice when she explains how she thinks big: “I try to push myself to learn something new and put myself out of my comfort zone every day”. With conviction and a strong head on her shoulders, it is clear that whatever wrinkles Emily may encounter in life, she’ll be ready to face them head-on with Febreze wrinkle release and iron in tow.

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