Tuesday, July 17, 2012

KCITP Turns 4 This Wednesday at Snow & Company

KCITP, Kansas City's large group of IT professionals, is turning 4 years old on Wednesday...and they're ready to celebrate not just the anniversary, but the growing success of the group, too.

Not only has KCITP's membership grown steadily throughout the past 4 years, but it has grown to numbers higher than anyone would have expected.  The group has just under 9,000 members!  KCITP has helped to foster new relationships in the Kansas City IT community and give back a little at the same time.  Through multiple events, social media efforts and philanthropic initiatives, KCITP is making a statement in Kansas City...a big statement. 

But KCITP wasn't always 8,500 members strong.  The group started (like many groups do) on professional networking site, LinkedIn.  After accumulating hundreds of members interested in meeting face-to-face, KCITP finally became an physical group with multiple meet-ups throughout the Kansas City area.

This Thursday, join KCITP as the group celebrates its 4 year anniversary at one of our favorite KC hotspots (or should be say coolspots?), Snow & Company.  Register now for yummy appetizers, drink specials and high-powered, technical networking.

Congratulations, KCITP! 

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