Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Innovation Process – This Month’s ICKC Panel

At this month’s meeting by The Inventors Club of KC (ICKC), an Innovation Panel was brought in to answer burning questions about new products and the innovation process.  The panel of eight represented the industry’s best in Kansas City—from patent lawyers to marketing whizzes.  Inventors from all stages of the innovation process came and asked burning questions. “Be very general about your product ideas if sharing among the group!” the lawyers naturally warned, because it was one of the rare opportunities when you can talk to so many professionals in a forum—free of charge!

Some of the most popular topics during the meeting included protecting ideas with non-disclosure agreements and provisional patent applications. Panelist Garrett Gardner discussed the importance of vocally being able to sell your idea in a concise manner to attract investors.  ICKC’s vice president, Bill Johnston, warned against creating an excellent product that solved a problem consumers wouldn’t pay for. If, as an entrepreneur, you’ve had any of these questions yourself, ICKC meetings would be an extremely beneficial resource.

If you’re an aspiring inventor in Kansas City, don’t miss out on these free meetings every month! ICKC’s next meeting, Pitch Your Product, will take place August 21 at the Kauffman Foundation Conference Center. If you can’t go in person, ICKC always a live stream on their website.

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