Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What is Going on with Google Fiber (For Real)?

As we all know, Kansas City is on a mission to become the most entrepreneurial city in America. Why not start with lightning-fast internet from Google? 1,100 cities in the US applied and Google chose Kansas City to launch Google Fiber! The Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City hosted an event (with pizza and beer!), called KC on the Map last night to learn more about what we can expect from Google. Rachel Hack (KC Google rep) and Adam Coomes (Kansas City serial entrepreneur) spent the evening discussing the possibilities of Google Fiber and what it means for KC.

Rachel Hack

Rachel Hack, the force behind Google Fiber in KC, explained Google’s vision for Google Fiber. “We’re supplying the infrastructure,” Rachel stated, “It’s [Kansas City’s] job to run with it”.

Google wants innovation; it’s pushing for it. “We want to inspire the next game changer, like YouTube”, says Rachel.

It has taken some time for Google to build its infrastructure, but Rachel says Google Fiber should be ready for business this summer. The gigabit of internet will start in residential areas and public buildings—like schools and libraries—with a possibility of commercial Google Fiber in the future. Google has had to build its customer service department from the ground up, since it hasn’t had to interact with individual customers in the past. Rachel explains, “This is the first time customers will see the face of Google so we 
want it to be good”.

What do we recommend you do right now, Kansas City?  Be patient. 

Adam Coomes

Adam Coomes is a repeat entrepreneur and now business consultant in the Kansas City area. He is also on the Chamber of Commerce steering committee to make KC the most entrepreneurial city in the US. Adam is excited about the possible innovations Google Fiber will inspire.

Adam’s personal startup, infegy, started in his house.  “We would sit in the living room doing hours of coding,” he explains. Since many startups begin in living rooms or basements, Google Fiber in residential 
areas may actually be necessary.

Adam has some advice for anyone looking to start his or her own business: “You need passion. You can learn the other things, but if you have passion, it won’t feel like work”. He also suggests participating in Startup Weekend or other hackathons in the Midwest. So get out there, entrepreneurs, and help KC with its goal!

Who would’ve thought a faster internet connection could spark so much innovation? Google foresaw this outcome, which is why it picked Kansas City. We are ready for the creativity that will flow from Kansas City with the implementation of fiber. With Google Fiber, KC is one step closer to its entrepreneurial goal—and if it’s on the horizon, we’re excited.  

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