Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The 3 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know (From Entrepreneur Eric Livingston)

It all started with two meteorologists. Eric Livingston, along with his partner Tim Breiding, decided to capitalize on their knowledge of the weather. Why not start a business where weather forecasts are necessary? Midwest Weather Snow Management was born.

Eric and Tim have been providing weather forecasts to the snow removal industry for almost 20 years. Starting their own business seemed like the logical next step. They’ve got the edge with their knowledge of weather. They won’t ever miss those pesky 3 am ice storms that other companies might not know about. Midwest Weather Snow Management is all about quality service. They’ll even forfeit a larger profit to give the best service at the best price.

We sat down with Eric Livingston, seasoned entrepreneur and founder of Midwest Weather Snow Management.  He told us about the three things that all entrepreneurs out there need to know:   

1. Hire the Right People: “It’s all about hiring the right people,” Eric says, “It makes your job a lot easier“. Hire the right people from the start—it’ll take a load off your shoulders. And hey, entrepreneurs need all the help they can get because startups are stressful!

2. Have a Passion: “Make sure you have a passion for it, otherwise you won’t enjoy what you do and you probably won’t succeed.” Eric spent 1-2 years creating this company. Without passion, he would not have worked as hard to see the project through.

3. Don’t Underestimate Risks: Think about every possibility. “You can’t underestimate the risk,” Eric advises, “be prepared to lose it all”. Unsavory results are very possible, especially in this economy. Entrepreneurs, be prepared for every scenario!

What’s Eric’s favorite part about starting his own business? The challenge! “You run into obstacles and you devise ways to overcome them. You go around them or go through them, whatever you have to do.”

Entrepreneurs have to be ready to work hard. But it’s very rewarding to have to your own business to show for it! Take a page from Eric’s book and be passionate about your trade—but reasonable too!

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