Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Think Big Accelerator Program Application Deadline in 1 Month

With just one more month to become involved in the Think Big Accelerator program, it's time to

DEADLINE: August 10, 2012

The Think Big Accelerator Program is an intensive 14-week program with the goal to help you turn an idea into a profitable company.  But the Think Big Accelerator Program doesn’t require an entrepreneur to drop other critical obligations while building a dream business.  And that’s what makes it unique.

In just 14 weeks, entrepreneurs will:
  • Learn the Proof of Concept Rapid Innovation Sequence Method (PRISM)
  • Find a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Create milestone-based processes with management teams
  • Connect with resources, network partners, service providers and syndication partners
  • Create marketing plans
  • Offer ongoing coaching and mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs
  • Experience a full-blown Demo Day with investors and VCs

Learn more and apply at www.thinkbigpartners.com/accelerator

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