Tuesday, August 21, 2012

024 Think Big Radio: The Top 13 Things Entrepreneurs Cannot Live Without

At Think Big Partners, we try to accommodate to entrepreneurs as best we can.  So we asked people on Twitter and Facebook what they cannot live without as entrepreneurs to gain a little more insight.  Listen to episode 24 of Think Big Radio to find out the 13 (plus some!) things that entrepreneurs cannot live without.

Click to listen:

Take a look at our full list below:

1. A sense of humor (from @AllisonThinkBig)
2. A great team (from @AllisonThinkBig and George Brooks of CremaLab)
3. Goals, direction and focus (from @beatnikbusiness)
4. Work-life balance (from @joshmccleary)
5. Passion (from @gimmetim)
6. A challenge (from @Dan_Via)
7. Coffee! (from @Dan_Via)
8. An unfiltered critique of plan, process and product (from @mrjerryjonesjr)
9. Social media (@donpower, @JoinSaloveiTeam, @RexTullius)
10. An iPad (from @EBuckIII)
11. A smartphone (from @KcMoboss, @srfuller, @K12Cloud)
12. Flexibility (from @beatnikbusiness)
13. Apps (from George Brooks via Facebook)

Plus, we have a few extras!

14. Exercise
15. Books
16. Sleep, vacation and breaks
17. High-speed Internet
18. Networking
19. Headphones
20. Ongoing, great ideas
21. Podcasts (and other ways to gather information and advice)

A huge thanks to our Twitter followers and Facebook fans who let us know what they cannot live without!  As an entrepreneur, what could you not live without?  Comment below and let us know!

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