Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tiki Toss 3D Mobile App and bizperc Graduate Announces New Crowdfunding Initiative

After experiencing exponential growth within the past year, Mellow Militia, a Santa Barbara-based (formerly Kansas City-based) app development company, has announced its decision to launch a crowdfunding campaign through the major global funding platform Indiegogo to meet increased demand for the new physical version of its popular mobile app game, Tiki Toss 3D.

Already a favorite among casual gamers, the Tiki Toss 3D app allows iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users to play and compete against other players in a digital version of thetraditional, island-themed ring toss game. Following the success of Tiki Toss 3D, Mellow Militia decided to create a hard board version of the game, which has since been picked up and sold by nearly 200 retailers in less than a year.

“Our initial thought was that the physical game would make a nice complement to the Tiki Toss 3Dmobile app,” said Mellow Militia co-founder Chris Puglisi.  “But little did we know that Tiki Toss would take on a life of its own after we debuted the physical product,” he added.

Previously, Mellow Militia had been piecing together orders in small batches, but with constant re-orders, new accounts and direct retail sales, the company experienced a need for added support to keep up with its explosive growth. Mellow Militia says the main goal for its Idiegogo campaign is to raise the needed capital for funding the first large-scale production run of Tiki Toss.

“A year ago, this was a night and weekend project for Chris, myself and my wife Amy,” said Mellow Militia co-founder Kyle McGetrick. “But today it’s a full-time job, and we need to keep the shelves of our existing accounts stocked and the inventory to supply the new accounts that are approaching us every day,” he continued.

Increasingly, crowdfunding is becoming a mainstream method for financing a variety of ventures. Confident in the crowdfunding trend, Mellow Militia is excited to engage the Indiegogo community as it takes its next steps financially and socially.

To express its gratitude for campaign supporters, Mellow Militia is offering a limited edition, 2012 Indiegogo version of its Tiki Toss game, as well as some great, customized packages.

“We could not have come this far without the amazing support of our community,” said McGetrick.“ Friends and family have pitched in to help build, package and ship more than 10,000Tiki Toss games across the country. We’re ready to take it to the next level,” he added.

To view Mellow Militia’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, please visit www.indiegogo.com/tikitoss.  Then, you can help out by doing the following:

1. Visit www.indiegogo.com/tikitoss.
2. Hit the Facebook "Like" button under the video and the Google+ button as well.  If you have a Twitter account, you can tweet about it, too!
3. Leave a comment using the "comments" tab at the top of the video.
4. Buy something! Even if it's $3.00--the amount doesn't matter right now.  Indiegogo is basing everything off of interactions.  Don't feel pressure to buy--but if you see something you like, purchase away!
5. Pass this along to your friends, colleagues, etc.  Tap into your network to help Mellow Militia get this thing rollin'!

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