Thursday, August 2, 2012

What Class Do You Wish Schools Would Add?

Ever sit down at a coworking space next to a frantically-coding entrepreneur and think, "I wish I knew how to code"?

Ever browse Twitter, just for kicks, and wonder what in the heck that # symbol is for?

Ever attend a networking event and find yourself huddled in the corner, not sure how to approach the industry leaders you're surrounded by?

Let's face it: business school didn't teach us everything we need to know about starting a business.  And when entrepreneurs have to wear many different hats to run a business, sometimes, we wish we knew what we didn't know.  

That's why, in honor of going back to school, we're asking you to answer our August poll: Which class should high schools, universities and even elementary schools start adding to their curricula?

1. Social Media 101
2. Coding/Programming 101
3. SEO 101
4. Inbound Marketing 101
5. Networking 101
6. Web Development 101
7. Content Creation 101

Vote above today and voice your opinion, then share your vote on Twitter...that is, if you know how to use Twitter...

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