Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kansas City Named Tech Startup Hub by

Big things are happening in Kansas City.  So big, in fact, that they are being recognized by the one and only Entrepreneur Magazine.  The entrepreneurial publication is beginning to turn its focus away from Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley to one of the emerging hubs in the central portion of the region...and it has zeroed in on Kansas City, Missouri. recently featured Kansas City in its 9 Cities You Wouldn't Think Are Hubs for Tech Startups.  Other booming cities such as Hoboken, Las Vegas, Portland and Boulder made the list, too.  But why is Kansas City #2 on the list?

According to writer John Patrick Pullen, our beloved KC made the list for three reasons:

1.  Google Fiber:  Kansas City is preparing for an influx of innovation when it gets an instant tech infusion from Google Fiber, which will provide free, gigabit internet to 180 neighborhoods starting in October.  This announcement has led to the creation of Kansas City Hacker Homes, where entrepreneurs and developers can "couch surf" to use KC's Google Fiber service.

2. Launch KC: Launch KC is a city-sponsored initiative headed by Mayor Sly James to attract more startups with cheap office space and equipment subsidies.

3. Think Big Partners: Early-stage business incubator and startup accelerator TBP has been helping entrepreneurs launch and grow businesses since 2008.  With investments in local startups such as EyeVerify and inCharge, Think Big Partners is growing the entrepreneurial community, creating jobs and fostering startup growth.

Let's face has got it right.  We could not be more proud to be a part of this flourishing tech startup hub.  Thanks to all of you entrepreneurs who are has made this honor possible.

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