Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kansas City Startup DealBug.com Announces Merger with YourBestDeals.com

DealBug.com has merged with YourBestDeals.com, one of the nation’s fastest growing local daily deal destinations, further expanding YourBestDeals.com’s market in the Kansas City area. Dealbug.com, founded on a platform of donating a portion of every purchase made by subscribers back to local non-profit organizations, has been providing exceptional deals since August of 2010.
“Determining how to take DealBug.com to the next level has not been a simple process. Finding a path that expanded our subscribers’ shopping experience while maintaining the non-negotiable charitable aspect that Dealbug.com was founded on came full circle when we began talks with YourBestDeals” says founder and President of DealBug, Matthew Kirk. “Not only does YourBestDeals give our subscribers access to over 2000 exceptional new businesses, but continues to pay it forward by donating a percentage per purchase back to our subscribers’ school, non-profit or charity of choice. YourBestDeals understands that our members are the heart of why DealBug has been a success, and the reason we have been able to account for over $33,000 in donations in less than two years. With YourBestDeals recent partnership with Google Offers, Kansas City has an opportunity to help their favorite organizations by purchasing their favorite items on a national level as well. That made this the perfect merger for us long term. Dealbug becoming a part of the YourBestDeals family just makes sense.”
Now Kansas City’s non-profits will reap the benefits of donations through an expansion of deals offered in over 140 cities nationwide. What does this mean for our local organizations receiving donations? DealBug has released details with a tracking code for each of their 600 (+) active KC metro area schools, charities and non-profits. This allows all of those who sign up to receive YourBestDeals emails through this link to issue a percentage of each purchase to the organization of their choice.
“This will guarantee that the foundation of Dealbug will thrive and continue to support local organizations for years to come” say Matthew Kirk.
To ensure that you are still able to give, simply go to DealBug.com and click on the “Choose Your Favorite Organization” link to continue the donations. This is truly of greater benefit, as it enables friends, families and organization supporters outside of the KC Metro area to join YourBestDeals.com via their association with those organizations, and let them benefit from the donations as well, regardless of where they live.
“The traditional online coupon space has reached a level of deal fatigue for both the consumer and the merchant alike. DealBug.com’s business model provides additional value to the consumer, by giving them a way to support charities and their community by purchasing things that make sense and give a portion to charity,” said Herb Sih, Managing Partner of Think Big Partners. “It’s a win-win for all plus the community, and the merger with YourBestDeals.com only amplifies the consumer’s ability to give back while saving money.”
DealBug.com has begun the transition of offering deals through YourBestDeals.com. Further details of the merger have not been disclosed.

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