Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's No Secret...Kansas City's Secret Sauce is Back and Bolder Than Ever

In 2009 and 2010, a company known as The Secret Sauce won best barbecue sauce at the American Royal in Kansas City.  And then, we stopped hearing about the sauce.  Bottles of The Secret Sauce started disappearing from grocery store shelves.  As the ingredients for a high quality barbecue sauce continued to rise, the products produced by The Secret Sauce decreased.  A Sauce-a-bition had arisen.  And The Secret Sauce literally became one of Kansas City's best kept secrets.

Until now.

Lucky for Kansas City barbecue lovers everywhere, The Secret Sauce is back...and its bolder than ever before.  The sauce recently launched its first Rock the Post campaign (very similar to Kickstarter).  In the campaign, The Secret Sauce has just 60 days to raise $15,000 for further production of its famous sauce.  The Kansas City sauce startup has already raised $2,500.

"This isn't about building a million-dollar company," said Blake Miller, one of the team members behind The Secret Sauce and partner at Think Big Partners.  "It's a fun project and a great product.  People loved The Secret Sauce.  It's time to bring it back to the hearts and mouths of the Kansas City barbecue community...where it started and where it belongs."

A Secret Sauce-branded Fully charging station.
The Secret Sauce launched its second debut at the American Royal this past weekend.  As one of the most popular stops at the "World Series of BBQ", the sauce startup paired up with Social Smokers, a competitive Midwest barbecue team.  Together, the two hosted a fun Friday night party, American Royal-style (complete with amazing barbecue and of course, killer sauce).

In addition, the spot claimed by Social Smokers and The Secret Sauce also featured a Fully charging station, complete with a Secret Sauce skin (left)!  The Fully charging station allowed for American Royal party-goers and barbecue fanatics to charge their phones during the all-day event for free.  To say it was a hot feature at The Secret Sauce's station is an understatement.

"People loved The Secret Sauce charging station," said Blake Miller.  "It provided great exposure for two Kansas City startups--The Secret Sauce and Fully."

Interested in investing in The Secret Sauce?  You should be!  Check out The Secret Sauce on Rock the Post.  The startup only has until the beginning of December to raise $15,000.  And when you invest, you're in for a saucy surprise.

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