Thursday, October 18, 2012

Think Big & Microsoft Reveal Windows 8 & Azure Cloud to KC Developers

This week, Think Big Partners and Microsoft hosted a 3-day event to introduce Kansas City developers, founders and entrepreneurs to the world of Windows 8 and Azure Cloud.  The event, known as Azure Cloud & Windows 8 App Kickstarts, gave Midwest entrepreneurs a first-look some of Microsoft's newest products and services.  According to attendees, the takeaways from the event were extremely beneficial...especially for those who want to learn how to develop on the new Windows 8 platform (there were even Apple fans raving about the new Windows 8!).

Check out some of the pictures from our Microsoft event!

The event kicked off with a Monday night Happy Hour. 
On day 2, developers were welcomed into the world of Windows 8.

Midwestern developers & entrepreneurs learning the ins-and-outs of Windows 8.
Attendees were asked to bring laptops for an interactive experience.  
Microsoft <3s Startups (and vice versa).
Azure Cloud & Windows 8 App Kickstarts will conclude today with private office hours with Taylor Cowan, Microsoft's director of startups.  Attendees are invited to schedule a complimentary one-on-one question-and-answer session with Taylor to learn more about how Windows 8, Azure and BizSpark can maximize their businesses.  

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