Friday, November 2, 2012

Why I Love Windows 8


Think Big Partners recently partnered with Microsoft on a number of fronts.  It’s been incredibly exciting to get hands support from a company so dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, especially in the Accelerator space.  One of the biggest perks of all has been the opportunity to dive into the new Windows 8 platform before (almost) anyone else in the country.  With access to the Samsung Slate loaded with Windows 8 (which I now conveniently use as my laptop and can easily plug in to my desktop screen) as well as exposure to the Windows 8-loaded new Surface, I’ve gotten a glimpse at the new Microsoft products that are starting to rock the tech world. 

I am most excited about the new Windows App Store.  The creation of any new app store provides entrepreneurs and developers with even more opportunities.  The new app store, as of now, has a low amount of noise, which gives entrepreneurs the chance to create unique apps and get them in front of users quite easily.

In addition, the Windows Store “rules” (I guess I should call them “unwritten rules”) haven’t been written yet.  This new app store is intriguing in its ability to reset the way developers price their apps.  In my opinion, every app needs to have a price tag.  It’s important for entrepreneurs, developers and app builders to get out of the trap of free apps (plus, Windows lets you host a “trial” period for your app—allowing users to try it for free!).  I think that the Windows Store could potentially create a new revenue stream and a “new normal” for the pricing of apps.

And although I am excited about the new Windows Store, I am absolutely blown away by the Microsoft hardware that Think Big Partners has received.  Yes, the new Surface is killer—but I have been using the Samsung Slate for a few weeks now and cannot get over how quick and snappy everything feels.  Not to mention, the ability to run it on a duel screen.

Currently, I have a ton of applications open on my Slate.  And they’re not small either.  I’m running Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Spotify, this Word Document, and of course, the Internet, all from one powerful, thin Slate.  And guess what?  It’s keeping up (and passing this developer’s speed expectations).

There’s no doubt about it—there are critics out there—people that don’t believe that Windows can keep up with iOS.   I’m as shocked as the next person that I converted from a laptop to using a just a slate for my primary computing needs.  But it works.  And the reviews speak for themselves (and while you’re at it, check out this other Microsoft article too).

I adapt pretty quickly when it comes to new technology—but I am aware that others don’t.  I’ll admit: Windows 8 is different.  It definitely has a learning curve that new users may struggle with.  Getting used to the Charms Bar, the corner-driven usability and the shortcuts did take me a few hours to get used to.
Think Big Partners is going to be hosting the Microsoft Windows 8 Kansas City Bootcamp—a one-day tech-focused bootcamp that will educate startups and developers on how to use Windows 8 (and it takes place during Global Entrepreneurship Week).  Attendees can actually play around on the Slates and Surfaces (yes, I’ll even let you use mine...I guess...) and learn the ins-and-outs of Windows 8 and the Windows Store.  Trust me, you’re going to need to know this stuff.

Interested in learning more about Windows 8?  Register today for the event or sound-off with any questions you have in the Comments Section below.

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