Monday, March 25, 2013

CandyCam Debuts SkyHook Robot at Open House

Tired of watching robots just walk around on the ground like humans? Come see one fly through the air! CandyCam, a member of the Think Big coworking space, will host an Open House on Wednesday, March 27, from 4-8pm at 1800 Baltimore in Kansas City, MO. Enjoy snacks and chatter as the engineering team gives demonstrations of their first product, the SkyHook! 

But what exactly is a SkyHook? The SkyHook is a suspended robotic camera platform. This platform is designed to achieve still shots that are prohibitively difficult and expensive with traditional positional camera equipment. When SkyHook launches, videographers everywhere will have an affordable tool enabling them to create gorgeous, dynamic shots that have been unobtainable until now.

Come enjoy conversation, munchies and CandyCam's flying robotic camera platform, the SkyHook. 

Register to attend here.  

Follow CandyCam for more info! @GoCandyCam

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