Friday, April 12, 2013

Think Big Partners Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Google Glass Documentary, Tech Trek

Yesterday, we announced that our Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Chris Shaw, was one of the 8,000 people in the world to be selected to beta test the new Google Glass hardware.  We also revealed that he plans to use Glass to explore how wearable technology can impact health as well as use it to document life experiences and travels.  

But Chris is looking to do much more than that.  He wants to use Glass to give back to the entrepreneurial community as well.  

“Glass is a truly innovative way to tell stories and share experiences,” says Shaw. “While our primary use for Glass will be for developing mobile applications in spaces like healthcare and enterprise, we wanted to test the media capabilities of Glass in a unique way.”

As a result of this thought, Think Big Partners co-founder Herb Sih encouraged Chris to create Tech Trek, a Glass-enabled documentary that explores the different startup hubs, technologies and innovations throughout the country.

“When Chris said he wanted to give folks a birds-eye view into what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, we were enthusiastic to support Tech Trek,” says Sih. “Think Big has started dozens of companies either directly or indirectly and we feel like we have an obligation to give back to the community.”   

Tech Trek is using Kickstarter to raise funds for the ambitious project to tell the story of technology entrepreneurship in the tech hubs of Silicon Valley, Ca., Los Angeles, Ca., Las Vegas, Nv., Boulder, Co., and Kansas City, Mo.

In addition, Shaw explains that some of the funds from the Kickstarter campaign will be used to sponsor entrepreneurs to attend Tech Trek who cannot afford to visit the cities and companies that Tech Trek will feature at incubators like Y Combinator, 500 Startups, Science and TechStars.

“Our goal with Tech Trek is to show people what we do and how technology and entrepreneurship are building the future of our world,” says Shaw.  

Spencer Walsh is an independent film producer, director and owner of Piscator Media who will be filming and producing Tech Trek.

"Google Glass provides a very unique opportunity for documentary work. I'm already excited to capture the effect this new technology has on the people interacting with it physically and virtually,” explains Walsh. “Also, most of my productions are for startups so I know how creative entrepreneurs are. In my opinion, the possibilities of Glass will really begin to reveal themselves as Chris interacts with these established and growing communities. This might be selfish, but I feel like I'll be getting a glimpse into the near future."

To learn more about Tech Trek, please visit  To become a part of the Tech Trek Kickstarter campaign, please visit

And be sure to follow Chris on his Tech Trek journey with Glass:  @MOChrisShaw

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