Thursday, April 11, 2013

Think Big's Chris Shaw Joins Glass Explorers Program

Chris Shaw of Think Big Partners.
What began as a simple tweet has transformed into an incredible opportunity for Think Big Partners' Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Chris Shaw.  After answering @projectglass's Twitter prompt #IfIHadGlass, Chris was asked by Google to be one of the 8,000 people throughout the world to "test" the Glass computer hardware.  Chris immediately accepted and is now a part of the Glass Explorers program.

Google Glass is a head-mounted display unit that connects with a user’s mobile phone to allow for seamless communication over the web. Glass also has a video camera that allows for pictures and video to be streamed over the web.  Chris and the Glass Explorers will utilize the new wearable computer hardware this year as beta testers.

So what does Chris plan to do with Glass?  First of all, lets take a look at the tweet that Chris sent on March 27 to answer #IfIHadGlass:

According to a recent article on Forbes, Chris plans to use Glass in a personal way.  

“I’m both an entrepreneur and a new dad,” said Shaw. “As an entrepreneur, I give talks all over the world and I’m on the road a lot. So I want to be able to share those travel experiences with my daughter even when she’s at home.”

But additionally, Chris would like to explore how Glass can monitor health (like other wearable health hardware out there such as FitBit and Nike Fuel Band).

But these aren't the only two plans Chris has concocted as a Glass Explorer.  As a matter of fact, Chris will be making an announcement within the next 24 hours about exactly how he and the Think Big team will utilize Glass for the good of the startup community.  Stay tuned on our blog to learn more. 

Follow Chris's Glass experience: @MOChrisShaw

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