Monday, July 8, 2013

Google Glass Tech Trek Sets Off July 11

Back in April, we were thrilled to announce the creation of Tech Trek--a Google Glass-enabled documentary that explores a number of different startup hubs, technologies and innovations throughout the country.  After finally receiving the Glass hardware, Think Big’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence Chris Shaw is ready to set off on his innovative journey. 

The Trek will explore five of the most innovative tech hubs: Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Boulder and Kansas City.  Along the way, Chris and his team will document the journey--from the startups they meet to the dare-devilish activities they complete...all through the frames of Google Glass.

Tech Trek has officially announced its dates as July 11-18, 2013.  The 8-day journey will follow the adventure of Chris Shaw (Think Big Partners), Blake Miller (Think Big Partners), Jason Grill (JGrill Media), Hampton Stevens (The Atlantic), Spencer Walsh (Piscator Media), Rigo Neri (CEO of Instin), Erik Wullschleger (Manager of Consumer Product Marketing at Sprint Nextel) and a representative from Hallmark. 

Stay tuned here as well as the Tech Trek blog for more updates from Chris and the Trekkers.  More announcements and updates soon to come...

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