Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Think Big Partners Announces Sarah Snyder as Newest Partner

It’s a core belief at Think Big that entrepreneur is not so much a title, but a spirit. It’s a pulse that courses through the veins of a growing company. We know that behind every great company are people who embody this spirit, people who embrace change, face the unknown and are willing to try new things. We’re lucky enough to have a team of these people, and we’re happy to announce that we’ve named one fearless entrepreneur on our team, Sarah Snyder, as partner.

Prior to 2010, Sarah, an event planner at the time, had aspirations of planning the Oscars and working on Disney parades. But it wasn’t until an entrepreneurship conference put on by Think Big that she found her direction. Her passion is events that change people; events that teach them and empower them.

“I decided right there that I wanted to make a difference with the events I planned. I began as a volunteer for Think Big, and found myself working full-time not long after,” said Sarah.

During her early days at Think Big, Sarah’s major accomplishment was starting the Think Big Coworking community. What started as just “space to fill” has blossomed into an active, engaged and close-nit coworking environment. In her new role as Partner, Sarah will continue the momentum she helped start and has big plans for developing the community further.

When asked about what “partner” means to her, she said that partners take care of each other.

“Partners help round out the thought process, fit together and create a whole perspective,” she said. In her day-to-day partner role, Sarah will continue to grow parts of the Think Big business regionally and nationally. While her major focus is on strategic partnerships, she will continue to manage the Think Big Coworking space.

Because she’s been a part of Think Big since the beginning, she’s seen a lot of changes and forward progress.

“A lot of things we’ve been dreaming about are finally starting to become a reality. The potential for growth and success feels very close. My passion for Think Big comes from creating jobs in KC, and as cheesy as it sounds, I think we can change the world – one job at a time.”

2014 is going to be a big year for Think Big. Stay tuned for some big announcements from Sarah and the rest of the Think Big team this Spring/Summer.

Contact Sarah if you are interested in partnering with Think Big at sarah.snyder@thinkbigpartners.com.

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