Thursday, July 8, 2010

President Barack Obama in Kansas City to Congratulate Smith Electric Vehicles for Thinking Big!

Barack Obama has landed in Kansas City, and only two minutes from Think Big Partner's new location in the Crossroads District of downtown.

Obama is in town to raise money for Carnahan’s Senate campaign. However, he is making many pit stops along the way. Among his stops is the Kansas City Marriott for the ActBlue luncheon as well as the Folly Theater for a “grassroots reception”. Additionally, Obama is stopping by Smith Electric Vehicles for a tour and to talk to employees about the current economy.

Smith Electric Vehicles, a Kansas City-based company, found a great need in today’s less than thriving economy and planet; environmentally-friendly transportation. With the development of a vehicle that reduces noise and emissions, SEV quickly became a company dedicated to improve the economy as well as the environment. SEV makes proven electric vehicles that dramatically reduce noise and deadly exhaust all while cutting energy and maintenance costs. Overall, the company has helped to spur economic growth, promoted the notion of green energy, helped Americans save money, and lessened our dependency of foreign oil.

So if you’re near the Downtown Kansas City area and happen to see a couple of limousines drive by, do not be alarmed if it’s our very own President making his way through the streets of Think Big’s beloved home, and straight towards SEV’s headquarters.

And a big congratulations to Smith Electric Vehicles for improving the economy, saving the planet, and of course, for Thinking Big

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