Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Change the World Today Through Social Media – One Tweet At A Time

August 24, 2010

WARNING: for those social media advocates who want to avoid the social media soapbox and just simply make a difference, go to the bottom of this article NOW or simply VOTE.

Nowadays, the social media machine has completely taken over. There’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Digg, FourSquare, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Flickr; you name it. But when you actually add it all up, does social media really matter, or is it an overhyped fad? And if it isn’t a fad, can it really make a difference?

My answer (and I know I am biased) is a resounding YES. I have seen the awesome power that can come through the effective use of social media tools, but with one absolute caveat. Tools like Twitter, Facebook, Digg and more must be used as a tool and in the hands of someone who is willing to work with them. Not to mention, this person actually needs to know how to use them.

There is a fine line between an effective and an ineffective social media enthusiast. Think of the difference between a handyman and a true craftsman. No disrespect to handymen around the country, but if you are a skilled jack of all trades, my guess is that you will not be able to be as good as a skilled craftsmen who focuses on one thing.

Another point of view is making sure you have the right tool for the right job – and knowing the difference. A ball-peen, roofing and claw hammer all look alike, but if you need to put a nail into the wall to hang a picture, one is better than another. Even more dramatic, you can also use a very big hammer – like a sledgehammer – but you may just take out the wall too.

So, the point is, for you social media skeptics, that you have to know what tool to use, how to use it and then actually use it. Although social media sitting on a shelf will not collect dust, instead, it will do absolutely nothing.

Here is how I would like to make a difference TODAY in the world.

Kohl’s Department Store has a promotional contest known as Kohl’s Cares in which the top 20 schools in the country will receive $500,000 through a series of votes on Facebook. This money is real and can help make a different to any of the lucky top 20 schools. In the Kansas City metro area, there is only one school that has a chance to win this outstanding prize: Our Lady of the Presentation is currently in 21st place. This school is located in Lees Summit, a location that is “in our backyard” and we want to help spread the word through social media and get them more votes. Every person is allowed to vote 20 times, but only 5 times for one school. If more Kansas Citians vote for the school in their own backyard, we could help Our Lady of the Presentation win $500,000! Please help spread the word and encourage your family and friends to vote for this school. It might just do some great things here in good ole’ Kansas City—and further show the power of mass collaboration using social media. Now that’s Thinking Big!

To learn more about Kohl’s Cares and to vote for Our Lady of the Presentation, please click the following link. Voting will stop September 3rd. Please help us to spread the word and change the world today!


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  1. OLP is now in 14th Place!! It's not over yet, but people are making a differnce!!!