Friday, July 15, 2011

bizperc: From a One-Floor Dream to a Five-Floor Resource

Coworking has become a craze.  It seems as if every city is doing it: Establishing a coworking space, uniting entrepreneurs and startups, providing a place outside the coffee shop for people to network on a day-to-day basis.  And Kansas City is no different.
bizperc, one of Kansas City's downtown coworking spaces, started out as a dream.  Think Big Partners, the company behind bizperc, saw the coworking space as a one-floor hybrid of a coffee shop and office space for entrepreneurs.  One year later, bizperc has become a reality- and a much bigger one at that. 
In order to accommodate to the growing movement of entrepreneurialism in Kansas City, bizperc has expanded its office space to an additional floor on the 5th level of 1800 Baltimore.  Now bizperc can provide more tools, services and resources in order to assist Kansas City entrepreneurs, small business owners, and startup companies. 
"Less than a year ago, we started with just 5000 square feet.  Today, we occupy four floors (plus the rooftop!) at 18,000 square feet," says Herb Sih, co-founder of Think Big Partners.  "Our growth has been a direct reflection of the growth trajectory of our tenant companies, largely due to the collaborative atmosphere and services we have co-located in the workspace." 
The 5th floor of bizperc holds a handful of tenant desks, 11 cubicles, four already sold-out private offices, a conference room, a full kitchen, and an audio/video suite.  The 5th floor is now open to entrepreneurs who are interested in coworking, office space or meeting room accessibility. 
bizperc’s 5th floor has become the home of several startup companies and established small businesses.  FINDitKC, Kansas City’s first online video business directory may be benefitting most from the bizperc expansion.  With easy access to a video/audio suite including a green screen, recording studio, and post-production capabilities, bizperc’s fifth floor has become a dream-office-come-true for the exploding Kansas City video startup. 
bizperc allows entrepreneurs to work alone, together.  If you're looking for an inspired place, for inspired people...look no further than the bizperc coworking space.  Come tour today and see if the new Kansas City coworking space will work for you. 
Written by Allison Way

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