Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Grand Opening: bizperc's 5th Floor for Entrepreneurs


After a lot of sweat, elbow grease and collaboration, bizperc's 5th floor has been opened for more coworking and collaboration in record time!  The Kansas City coworking space known as bizperc has been expanding since it opened in August of 2010.  Starting out as a one-floor coffeeshop/office hybrid, the coworking space has grown to a 5-floor (plus a rooftop!) startup heaven.

Check out some pictures from the recently-opened 5th floor space.

Welcome to bizperc's 5th floor!

This cubicle with a view could be yours for only $450/month.
The 5th floor was completed with private offices. Two of them are housed by FINDitKC.

White boards cover the walls for inspiration and organization.

An already well-lived-in cubicle on the 5th floor.

Another cubicle that houses a bizperc tenant.

Not a shabby place to take a mid-afternoon break! Corona, anyone?

A conference room section.

A fully-stocked kitchen keeps all entrepreneurs and tenants happy!

Chris of FINDitKC busy at work in the conference room/green screen studio.

The right side of the 5th floor conference room.
There is still available space in bizperc- but it's going quick!  Call to book a tour with Sarah Snyder today at 816.842.5244.

Written by Allison Way

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