Wednesday, July 27, 2011

KC Businesses Help People Beat The Heat

The relentless heat wave has taken a hold of Kansas City.  Weather reports say KC has been experiencing above average temperatures consistently since July 13th.  I feel every time I climb into my car the temperature gage spits out a reading of 100 degrees or more.  During a heat wave like this I find myself actively seeking any and all things cool!  Check out these KC businesses that are working hard to help Kansas City beat the heat.

Stay Cool at the Pool

If your ideal way of cooling down means jumping into the pool, then head for the Jones in downtown KC.  Take a dip in their rooftop pool and enjoy a refreshing cocktail.  Feeling more adventurous?  Gather up some friends and head to Oceans of Fun or Schlitterbahn for a day at the water park.  In case you’re in need of a new swimsuit, Swim Quik and Swimwear Solutions can outfit you for all your water apparel needs.

Cold Cravings

Nothing can compare to a frozen treat on a hot summer day.  I am longing for the opening of Snow & Company in the Crossroads.  Their soon-to-be-open artful frozen cocktails sound like the perfect way to end a long hot day work.  But in the mean time my obsession has been frozen yogurt.  Two great places that I frequent are Yogurtini and Peachwave.  Both have a variety of delicious flavors and toppings that keep you coming back.  Frozen cocktails and yogurt, you can never go wrong with ice cream or Popsicle.  Stop longing for the ice-cream truck to wander down your street, instead book a Frosty Treat Ice Cream Truck for you next summer event or party.

What do you do to beat the heat?  Let us know what Kansas City businesses you frequent during the hot summer months. 

Written By Laura Goede

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