Thursday, July 28, 2011

Snow & Company: Bringing the Beach to Kansas City

Imagine it: You’re lounging on the beach, eyes closed, skin tingling from the blazing sun.  The crashing of the waves and breeze in your hair lulls you into an afternoon doze.  Then you wake and look to your left to find a strawberry margarita, complete with a little pink umbrella just waiting to be slurped down.  You grab it; the glass’s condensation stinging your fingers.  You take a big gulp.  That’s when you realize: this is paradise.
But then you wake up.  You find yourself sitting at your desk, in front of your computer, surrounded by your coworkers.  Your swim suit is now a business suit.  Your lounge chair is now a rolling one.  The fantasy is over.  And more than anything, you want to be on that beach slurping down that strawberry margarita.
The truth of the matter is, we can’t bring everybody in Kansas City to the beach.  But we can bring a little of the beach to Kansas City.  And it all starts with one of Kansas City’s newest downtown establishments, Snow & Company.
In September of 2011, Andy Talbert and his team of ultra-entrepreneurs are launching Snow & Company, an artful frozen cocktail bar in the Crossroads District of downtown Kansas City.  With a snowy theme, yet a “warm and comfortable” atmosphere, Andy hopes that Snow & Company will become the place for friends to hang out and enjoy specialty frozen cocktails both in the heat of the summer and in the frigid winter.
“Kansas City is growing and evolving into a cocktail town,” says Andy. “The cocktail space is a huge opportunity.  We want to continue the growth of the clever, creative cocktail experience in Kansas City.”
Andy and his business partner, Jerry Nevins, recently graduated from the UMKC Bloch Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  Once they found the “time” to follow their true passion, they collaborated with two other entrepreneurs and wrote the Snow & Company business plan.  And from then on, the company...well...snowballed.  With interest from many different media outlets such as the Kansas City Star, Snow and Company is truly taking off.
“Kansas City is a great place to take this risk,” says Andy.  “This probably wouldn’t be possible in other cities.  Kansas City provides great resources like the Kauffman Foundation, Think Big Partners and the Bloch School to help entrepreneurs like us.”
Snow & Company is opening at 1815 Wyandotte Street in the Crossroads District of Kansas City.  Complete with lounge furniture, a frozen cocktail counter, and merchandise displays, Snow & Company will be accented with wintery colors and bright hues of purple, maroon and orange.  The overall ambiance of the frozen cocktail lounge will be high-end and modern, yet relaxed.
But it isn’t the location that makes Snow & Company what it is.  Obviously, it’s the cocktails.
“We want to introduce people to things that they would never try otherwise,” says Andy.
So what will it be?  The classic margarita?  A refreshing mohito?  A surprising frozen PB&J? Or perhaps the unique Jalapeño Lemonade?  Snow & Company plans on serving it all—it’s all part of bringing a bit of the beach to downtown Kansas City.   
Be sure to check out Snow & Company on Facebook and follow the company on Twitter for more updates about the company and its grand opening! 
Written by Allison Way

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