Friday, July 29, 2011

TEDxKC Makes a Splash in Kansas City

Ted isn’t just a nickname for your teddy bear anymore. No, today TED means so much more.

Innovation.  Collaboration.  Technology.  Creativity.  Inspiration.

But the most central word that should come to mind: ideas.

The TED Conference started out as an idea.  And from there, the ideas began to spread.  Now, TED is taking over the globe with TEDGlobal, TEDActive, TEDx, TEDPrize, and TEDFellows.  But one of the most popular ideas that has come from TED is TEDx, a movement that gives communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level.  And guess what’s making its third appearance in Kansas City?  You guessed it—TEDxKC

With much anticipation, the TEDx Conference is gradually making its way to the Midwest and the people of Kansas City are thrilled.  In fact, TEDxKC sold out within its first 90 minutes! However, this shouldn’t be too big of a surprise—every TED Conference sells out quickly.

Mike Lundgren, event coordinator of TEDxKC, has been eagerly working to get everything in order for the August 18th conference at the Nelson-Atkins museum. He sees much promise and potential for the event.

“There is a thirst for this kind of event,” Mike says.  “Kansas City has a high per capita of what I call the ‘intellectually curious’ – people eager to see and hear about new things and new ways of thinking.”

With speakers such as Marcin Jakubowski, Jenn Lim and Patrick Meier, TEDxKC is going to be nothing less than extraordinary. A spirited reception is scheduled to follow the event, as well as two live performances.

When asked to comment on the theme of this year’s event, Lundgren said, “We are exploring the theme of radical collaboration and the open source movement from two sides of the coin—the good and the amazing, but also how unintended consequences are also shaping our world.”  TEDxKC 2011 is, without a doubt, a testament to that. 

We’ll see you at TEDxKC on August 18th where ideas about creation, innovation and how to build the community will ignite the minds of all attendees. As Lundgren puts it; “TEDxKC is all about seeing that the world is a larger place – TEDxKC displays all of the world’s thinkers and doers.”

Didn’t snag a ticket in time? Don’t worry! TEDxKC will stream a simulcast online so you will have the opportunity to learn about ideas worth spreading.  Check out the simulcast here:

Written by Allison Way and Genevieve Alander. 

@AllisonThinkBig    @GennaThinkBig

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