Wednesday, August 3, 2011

bizperc Perk: The Idea Board!

Although many bizperc tenants love the coworking space's free popcorn, legal consultation, and bottomless coffee, these "perks" are not the number one reason that Kansas City entrepreneurs and startups rent out the office space.  The main reason is to network with others and to get ideas percolating.

Which is why bizperc has implemented the "Idea Board", where anybody--not just tenants, but walk-ins, passerbys, and even the FedEx guys--can bring their ideas to life on a simple white board and get input from others.  It is a testament to collaboration.  And that's what bizperc is all about.

So stop by.  Write on the board.  See what other people think.  You never know what amazing idea can blossom from writing it on a simple white board with a black marker!

Written by Allison Way

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