Friday, August 12, 2011

A Typical Day at bizperc

bizperc has been filling up with creative entrepreneurs and innovative ideas fast these past few months. So what does bizperc look like on a typical coworking day?  Why don’t we take a look at Tuesday – just another normal day in this wonderful Kansas City coworking space! 

Interested prospective drop-ins took casual tours of bizperc’s many floors throughout the day, while the small conference room was rented out by Snow & Company, a new frozen cocktail bar that is opening in September in the Crossroads District.
While the Think Big Partners team was busy brewing all-you-can-drink coffee for bizperc tenants, Coty Beasley, a bizperc punch-card holder, was busy working on his Beasley Creative projects and interacting with fellow entrepreneurs. 
While Nathan Benjamin of PlanetReuse was busy joining the Board of Reuse Alliance (a huge congratulations to our first floor tenant!  Way to go, Nathan!), Josh Coleman of Zaarly stopped by to cowork and interact with the folks at Snow and Company and Branden Connolly of Evenergy Events and Sponsorships.
All the while, Sarah Snyder of Think Big Partners was busy cleaning up after the Women’s Capital Connection event that took place on the 6th floor the night before.
Busy, busy, busy. Just another day at bizperc!   

In addition, bizperc has recently added a brand new sound booth on its 5th floor space.  Entrepreneurs now have the opportunity to utilize this sound booth for voice-over capabilities and much, much more.  Just another bizperc perk that the coworking space brings to entrepreneurs, collaborators and visionaries!

bizperc's sound booth located on the 5th floor.
Written by Allison Way and Genevieve Alander.
@AllisonThinkBig    @GennaThinkBig

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