Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Gigabit Challenge is Ready to Launch

The clock is ticking!  Entrepreneurs, it is time to get your business plans ready.  There are only a few days left until the Gigabit Challenge begins accepting applications.

The Gigabit Challenge is looking to find and support startup entrepreneurs, early-stage businesses and existing growth companies that will make use of Google’s first-in-the-nation 1-gigabit fiber network.  Next Monday, October 3, the Gigabit Challenge will start collecting applications accompanied by 3-5 page executive summaries from entrepreneurs across the globe.  Applicants will have until midnight on October 31st (Halloween!) to submit their ideas. From there, the Gigabit Challenge Judges will select 25 finalists to move forward with the competition. 

Winners will be announced in January in concurrence with the launch of Google fiber in Kansas City.  The winner will be awarded a Grand Prize valued at $100,000 and the opportunity to work on the Google fiber network. 

The Gigabit Challenge is about to open the door to a new level of innovation and disruptive technology.  Can you harness Internet speed that is 100 times faster than what is available today to turn the tech industry upside down and change the world?  Are you up for the Challenge?

For more information about the Challenge, please visit or contact Ann DeAngelo at (816) 842-5244. 

It’s time to think big…with a gig!  

 Written By Laura Goede

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