Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bo Fishback of Zaarly Pulls It Off: You Can Be an Entrepreneur and a Great Parent

Work-life balance.  For entrepreneurs, it seems impossible.  How do you keep your family life, your work life and your personal life on the same level?  Bo Fishback, co-founder and CEO of Zaarly (one of the fastest-growing and successful startups of 2011) seems to have mastered it.

In the picture above, something doesn't seem...normal.  Perhaps its Pierce Fishback, Bo's child hanging on the the powerful CEO's frontside.  This picture was taken during Entrepreneurs Unpluggd in Kansas City, where Bo Fishback was featured as one of three keynote speakers for the night.  He discussed the startup adventures of Zaarly for forty minutes while baby Pierce patiently listened to his father, squirmed his arms and legs and sucked on his pacifier.  Throughout the speech, Pierce maybe made two or three peeps, in which his father would look down at him and start bouncing up and down.  The audience, of course, cooed and laughed.

Bo Fishback has shown that even as a full-time, caffeine-induced, email-answering, stressed out entrepreneur, you can also be Mr. Mom.

But the Entrepreneurs Unpluggd event wasn't the first instance where the startup world met Pierce Fishback.  Bo brought his family to Entrepreneur Corner a few months ago during First Fridays in the Crossroads District. It was the perfect blend of family, business and fun.

So entrepreneurs, did Bo Fishback help you change your mind?  Maybe you can do it all. 

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