Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Gigabit Challenge Welcomes Newest Partner, Polsinelli Shughart


Entrepreneurs are not the only ones getting involved in the Google Fiber initiative.  We have seen contributions from large corporations, from technology experts and obviously, from the government.  But we've also seen involvement from multiple Kansas City law firms.  And one of the firms that has caught Fiber fever and is actively involved in getting the Gigabit word out is none other than Polsinelli Shughart

Polsinelli Shughart first jumped on the Gigabit bandwagon when it helped to sponsor Building the Gigabit City on October 3, 2011 with The Social Media Club of Kansas City and Brainzooming.  At this event, Polsinelli helped to get the word out about Google Fiber's high-speed Internet access in the home and how it can change neighborhoods in Kansas City for the better.  The event was a huge success. 

And now, Polsinelli has further involved itself.  The KC law firm has decided to partner up and contribute to The Gigabit Challenge, a global business plan competition looking for the next big idea to build itself on the Google Fiber network.

As a popular Kansas City law firm that with practices in business, financial services, real estate and trials, Polsinelli Shughart was the perfect candidate for a Gigabit Challenge partnership opportunity.  The law firm has been one of the most involved in the Kansas City area when it comes to entrepreneurship, startups and business growth.  In fact, Polsinelli Shughart is most known for its legal work in the KC business world.  As a firm that helps any type of organization at any stage of life, Polsinelli Shughart has provided businesses from across the nation with savvy advice and imaginative solutions to legal problems.  Polsinelli Shughart has guided businesses through difficult legal troubles such as capital formation, tax strategy and intellectual property.  

Think Big Partners would like to formally thank Polsinelli Shughart for partnering up for The Gigabit Challenge.  It's the KC leaders like Polsinelli that have helped to make events like The Gigabit Challenge a success, which undoubtedly will create growth for the city today and tomorrow. 

Join us for The Gigabit Challenge Finale event on January 18th! Learn more and register here.  

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