Friday, September 30, 2011

Make the Most Out of Building the Gigabit City

Building the Gigabit City, a brainstorming event hosted by the Social Media Club of Kansas City and the Brainzooming Group, is inviting members of the local business, arts, technology and education communities to come together under one roof and determine how to effectively use the Google fiber network.  The event aims to present new ideas for how Google Fiber can benefit all corners of the city - from schools and libraries to hospitals, transit systems, entertainment options and beyond.  The evening event, where the public can see what ideas the brainstorming sessions unveiled, will take place on Monday, October 3rd at 6:30pm (just in time for the rollout of the Gigabit Challenge applications!).

But how can those who are attending the brainstorming portion of Building the Gigabit City make the most of their creative experience?  The Brainzooming Group has provided the Top 10 ways to "brainzoom" your way to a good idea, no matter what you may be brainstorming about.  Use these quick tips from Brainzooming to burst through your creative roadblock:

1.  Show up with an open mind and willingness to share your ideas - any and all of them!
2.  Imagine.  When it comes to generating ideas, it's all about imagining the possibilities.
3.  Be a cheerleader.  You make other people more creative just by cheering them on.
4.  Look for the potential of an idea.  If you have a "why something won't work" statement, you also need a "how it CAN work" statement.
5.  Build off of other's ideas.  Brainzooming is a team sport.
6.  Combine ideas or elements of ideas.  Real innovation typically stems from multiple ideas.
7.  Consider the idea from different angles. 
8.  Recognize that some ideas will take root faster. 
9.  Use those sticky notes!  It will be our most useful tool for capturing and organizing all of our ideas throughout the day.
10.  What else?  It is the most important question of hte day.  Keep it in the back of your mind to expand your thinking and the thinking of others in your group.

Looking forward to a dynamite event at the Kansas City Public Library on Monday! RSVP now!

Written by Allison Way

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