Friday, January 20, 2012

Photo Recap: The Gigabit Challenge Finale


We captured some of our favorite moments from The Gigabit Challenge Finale and want to share them with you.  It was an incredible event for all involved--from judges to Finalists to volunteers...and especially for us, the Think Big team.  Thanks to all for making this KC event a success!

Senator Jerry Moran announced his STOP SOPA stance and welcomed all to The Gigabit Challenge.
Finalists were competing for 3 prizes: The People's Choice Award, the Born
Global Award ($250,000) and the Grand Prize ($100,000).
Judges had the chance to ask each of the 17 Finalists questions about their business.
Don Peterson of presents his business idea.
Seak Meng Lay introduces judges to Photaic business plan.
Sarah Snyder and Scott Mize of Think Big Partners collaborate on event logistics.

Think Big t-shirts all around!
Swag bags and name tags courtesy of KCnext.
Ann DeAngelo and Laura Goede of Think Big Partners.
A huge thanks to Digital Evolution Group for providing webcasting capabilities.
To view footage of the Challenge: click here.
Michael Gale of Gramercy Private Equity decides on winner for
the $250,000 Born Global Award.
Mitch Schneider of Kauzu.
Herb Sih of Think Big Partners makes big announcements for 2012.
Kristin Kenney of RE:Cite.
Judges break in the green room.
Scott Hardiek of Virtual/Real World Wallet System.
The team of Paruzia Technologies celebrates winning the People's Choice Award.
Scott Mize awards Paruzia Technologies with People's Choice Award.
Kauzu celebrates winning the Born Global Award worth $250,000.
The team from SEIN Analytics is shocked to win the $100,000 Grand Prize.
SEIN Analytics and their $100,000 Grand Prize.

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  1. Any t-shirts left? Got to have one.

  2. Yes! We've got tons of t-shirts left! Plenty to go around :)