Monday, January 23, 2012

Think Big Partners, Five Elms Capital and Legal Sonar Open Prairie Village Coworking Space

Think Big Partners, a technology-focused startup accelerator and mentorship-based collaborative workspace, has partnered with Five Elms Capital and Legal Sonar to launch a new coworking space in Prairie Village, Kansas this fall called KCCowork, A Think Big Network Partner.

By establishing a coworking space in Prairie Village, the three firms hope to increase the number of startups in Kansas, promote job growth and job creation in and around Kansas City and provide a place for entrepreneurs to collaborate and build successful businesses.

“We're excited about the opportunity to work alongside other early-stage and startup companies in the greater Kansas City area,” said Nathan Kurtz, co-founder and COO of Legal Sonar. “The location is great; but we chose to be here for the opportunity to collaborate with other entrepreneurs, the ability to interact regularly with the team at Five Elms Capital, and to have access to the amazing resources that Think Big Partners offers. We hope to attract similarly-minded entrepreneurs that want to drive and thrive alongside us, and we anticipate mutual benefits as we learn from each other and grow our businesses in Kansas City."
As a coworking space managed by the Five Elms team, KCCowork will allow tenants direct access to a Five Elms Capital, a Kansas City-based investor in high growth companies and will provide the opportunity to operate a new business with essential services and resources from Think Big Partners.

KCCowork will be Think Big Partners’ second coworking space. Its first coworking space, bizperc, is located in the Crossroads Arts District of Kansas City and provides a modern, Midwestern workspace for entrepreneurs, high-growth small businesses and startup companies. By adding another coworking space to its network, Think Big Partners hopes to continue to promote Midwestern entrepreneurship and help more startup companies get launched quickly and successfully.

To learn more about KCCowork, please visit If you would like to learn more about launching a coworking space in your area, please call             (816) 842-5244       or visit

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