Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What The Pursuit of Happyness Means to Us

Stop 7 of the bizperc walking tour: The Pursuit of Happyness Poster in the coffee bar drop-in area

We have seen a lot of inspirational movies in our day (we've seen so many, in fact, that we've rated our top 10!).  But no movie seems to describe entrepreneurship, passion, innovation and determination quite like The Pursuit of Happyness, starring Will Smith.

There are more reasons than one that the Pursuit of Happyness poster hangs in the coffee bar area of our coworking space, where many entrepreneurs spend just $15 a day to get inspired and work on a new startup.

1. The Pursuit of Happyness embodies what entrepreneurship is all about.
We all get inspired by movies like Rocky, Remember the Titans and Forrest Gump.  But no movie tugs at our heart strings and encourages us to go above and beyond our own expectations than The Pursuit of Happyness.  Will Smith, who plays rags-to-riches entrepreneur Chris Gardner, shows just what it takes to become a success.  

2. The movie shows triumph after struggle.
One of the key ingredients to an inspirational film is its portrayal of triumph after a major struggle.  Chris Gardner was in poverty (and trying to raise his son while working just to survive).  Watching this struggle makes us want to see him succeed in the end (after all, the greater the struggle, the better the victory tastes).  When he pulls it all together in the end, we cannot help but be inspired by someone who had so little and then gained so much.  

3. Think Big's relationship with Chris Gardner.  
Although we were greatly inspired by Will Smith's portrayal of Chris Gardner in The Pursuit of Happyness, one of the greatest interactions that we had with this character was at Think Big Kansas City in 2010.  At our first entrepreneurial conference, we brought in Chris Gardner to deliver a keynote speech.  He left us with more than the movie ever could--an inside look at his real life, advice about what it takes to succeed and the inspiration to pick ourselves up even after our biggest struggles. 

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