Sunday, July 29, 2012

Get Your Pictures Off the Cloud and on your Doorstep with Picsure

If Facebook decided to crash tomorrow, would 800 million people lose their memories? Seriously, not to be old fashioned, but whatever happened to the good, old fashioned hard copy of a picture? Oh, that’s right—it died with the digital camera.

Only a measly 10% of photos make it off phones and cameras and into print, and entrepreneur Terry Roberts just won’t accept that anymore.  He and his wife, Kerri, recently had a baby and realized the importance of taking, sharing and printing pictures with family.

Then came the idea. 

How can you solve the problem of the inconvenient photo printout? Let’s face it—there’s nothing better than a picture you can hang on your wall; you’re just too lazy to go and get it.  With Roberts’ new app and and recent addition TechStars, Picsure, you can get the pictures you take on your iPhone professionally printed and sent to your house – every two weeks – without moving off the couch.  Just put the photos that you want in your queue and Picsure takes care of the rest.  So instead of grabbing your memory card, making a stop at Walgreens and then waiting two hours to pick them up, your pics are sent right to the front door.

Say you could only afford nosebleed seats at the Dave Matthews Band concert.  Good thing Picsure allows everyone at the event to upload their pictures to the app and share them.  So the guy that shelled out a couple hundred bucks for front row seats to impress his girlfriend? You’ll get his snapshots without paying the hefty price. And weddings? Say goodbye to low-quality, expensive disposable cameras and give a hearty welcome to the photo app queen.  The bride and groom can keep the best candid photos of the night – there’s no better wedding present you could give them.

Roberts is the champion to make printing photos more convenient to keep your memories somewhere safer than the cloud or your soon-to-crash hard drive.  Start stocking up on photo albums again; you’re going to need them.

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