Sunday, July 29, 2012

Midwest Startups We Love

Entrepreneurs, we’re proud of you! We want to encourage you to keep pushing the limits and reaching for your goals. To show our appreciation, we’ve made a list the Midwest’s most loved startup companies. Is your startup on the list?

Front Flip: Overland Park, KS
Front Flip helps your business engage with your customers. Learn who your customers are and track how many times they’re in your store. Interact with them through promotions and giveaways, and grow your customer base easily. Front Flip gives your business the tools to impress your customers and keep ‘em coming back for more!

Goodsmiths: Des Moines, IA
Think of a marketplace like Etsy. Goodsmiths is a place where you can buy unique, handmade items from jewelry to clothing to metal art. No more travelling to flea markets because there is something for everyone on this site.

Battle Sports Science is a mission to make sports injuries a thing of the past. At Battle Sports Science, the company works tirelessly by researching new methods of safety.  The company then implements all findings into new products. These revolutionizing products are available for almost every sport. If you play the game, you need Battle Sports Science in your life!

Locusic: Des Moines, IA
Are you a music fan? Locusic makes it easier for you to discover new artists and listen to local music in your area. Listeners get free music from bands within 50 miles of where they live. Not only is it great for the fans, the local bands now have an opportunity for more exposure than ever! Talk about a win-win!

Oohly: Leawood, KS
Have you ever been watching a TV show and thought, “Hey, I want that!” Now, with Oohly, you don’t have to think it—you can do it! This new app connects to your TV and allows you to see what your favorite stars are wearing...and then you can purchase instantly! Yes, you can purchase more than just apparel; it’s compatible with tons of other products!

Divshot: Kansas City, MO
If you own a business, you know how important it is to have an online presence. And with the overwhelming use of smartphones, developing an app is almost necessary. Divshot has come up with a simple solution for those that aren’t so tech savvy. Divshot invented a way for the average person to build an app using HTML and CSS, without having to learn code! Pretty neat, we’d say!

Chirpify: Portland, OR
Twitter meets transactions; that’s Chirpify. You want to buy that song on your favorite artist’s Twitter page? Done! Just Tweet “Buy”. It’s as easy as that. You can even Tweet your friends money because they look nice today or because they helped you move—whatever the reason! It’s a social way to do business!

Leap2: Kansas City, KS
When you search something on Leap2, you get all the information. Web, images, location and social media all on one page—and it’s live! You can opt to receive notifications when something new is posted about the topic. It’s the ultimate tool to stay “in the know”.

Planet Reuse: Kansas City, MO
Want to do more for the environment? Planet Reuse can help! They make it easier to use salvaged materials in buildings. Planet Reuse is a brokerage firm that matches salvaged materials to those that need it for projects. They’re on a mission to reduce landfill waste, save money and time and save the planet in the process!

Spread the love—what Midwest startups are you pining for? 

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