Monday, August 13, 2012

023 Think Big Radio: Inside Kansas City's Google Fiber Experience

Google Fiber Space in Kansas City, Missouri. 

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Kansas City isn’t just experiencing big things this’s experiencing fast things, too.  This summer, Google opened its very own home in KC and the location quickly became known as Google Fiber Space.  Google Fiber Space is a modern, techy place full of Google Fiber demonstrations, interactive video, hands-on activities and even free food!  It all sounded too good to be we decided to take a look at Google Fiber Space for ourselves. 

Google Fiber Space is decorated with modern pieces
(and perhaps a nod to the Nelson-Atkins Museum?)
And it was better than we imagined.  We even had the opportunity to sit down with Google Fiber Community Manager Rachel Hack and ask her a few questions about Google Fiber’s implementation in Kansas City...and what we can expect next.  We asked Rachel about Google Fiber for business, the ins-and-outs of Google TV, Kansas City as the home of Google Fiber and we even took questions from people on Facebook and Twitter who had interesting questions about the high-speed Internet.  Want to hear what Rachel had to say?  Give episode 23 of Think Big Radio a listen (above).

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